This is your year to go from side hustle to boss.


Launch will begin in Summer of 2019. Stay tuned for updates!

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You’re Invited to LAUNCH!

We’ve come together as three experts in the essential areas you need in order to take this from side hustle to a real business that sustains you. 

We are your guides in all things: Sales, Marketing, and Accounting. 

Launch is a program for driven entrepreneurs to get you running a solid, successful business that is true to your vision.

We have designed Launch with workshops, group coaching, and accountability in a supportive, exciting, and confident community. 


Everyday, we start businesses fueled by our passions and expertise. We shine through our gifts. There’s one piece where we often fall short: what it takes to actually run a business. 


There are essential pieces of entrepreneurship that you can’t skip on the journey to succeeding with your business. It’s a completely new set of skills and we are here to walk you through them. We have designed this program to help you get completely clear on your foundation and strategy to get through the sometimes scary first year of entrepreneurship with confidence and success.

Our goal is that you complete LAUNCH with a clear vision, a growth plan that works for you, and a business in the black.


LAUNCH is about holding each other accountable to our vision, in a supportive, exciting and action-driven space.


How will it work?

LAUNCH is an opportunity for 10 entrepreneurs to take control of their businesses in 2019.

You’ll experience: 

  • One-Day Workshop: Where you will learn tools that are easy to implement, and take action towards solidifying your business

  • Group Coaching: Video conferencing group coaching with Gaby, Patty and Laura

  • Accountability and a community to keep each other on track and support you throughout the year  

  • A custom program designed to cover everything you need to close out a badass, successful season in your business

Together, we will walk you through the essentials all entrepreneurs get to master in order to LAUNCH a successful business

  • Create an authentic brand that represents you

  • Create a campaign to boost visibility and sales

  • Follow through a budget you can stick with

  • Connect with a supportive community and network to move your business forward

  • Create a business plan that works for you

  • Define a marketing strategy to get you dream clients you love, consistently

  • Play where you shine the most

  • Develop quarterly sales goals, track and work to meet them


Who are the hosts?

We are three friends who are passionate and committed about empowering business owners.


Patty Fuenzalida is a Mindset coach and Unitarian Reiki Master whose focus is geared towards inspiring people to embrace their worth and claim their best life.

Patty has created an award-winning sales career. She has 20 years of experience in companies from small start-ups, to private equity-funded companies and Fortune 500 companies. This, combined with her experience as a mindset coach pulls together to coach aspiring entrepreneurs ready to launch their dream businesses.

She founded her first business in 2004 and is now the owner and founder of Coral Gables Hypnosis and Bodhi Wellness. Both businesses are located in Miami and are focused on empowering people to live their best lives.

She lives in the peace of Redland, Florida with her beautiful family that includes her husband, her kids, and Spirit, the German Sheppard.

 Patty Fuenzalida

Patty Fuenzalida

 Gabriela Guzman

Gabriela Guzman


Gaby Guzman is a Strategist and Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs get clear and get brave so they can start the businesses they really want.

Gaby has a Business degree and 12 years of experience in Consulting, non-profit Communications and advertising agencies. She led the digital strategy for award-winning campaigns for brands in NYC and Miami.

Her approach is based on uncovering a brand’s true unique value and building a communication strategy that develops genuine, long term connections with the right customers.

In 2015 she became an entrepreneur. Through masterminds and the new entrepreneur community, Las Comadres. Gaby provides the coaching, clarity and plan women need to tell their brand story confidently and successfully. She lives in South Miami with her 8-year old son.

 Laura Grajales

Laura Grajales


Laura Grajales has a Masters in Forensic Accounting. Her expertise runs from startups to companies with $10 million in annualized revenue. Laura is passionate about helping businesses implement accounting systems and budgets with a growth mindset.

Laura is a co‐founder and managing partner at Paragon Consulting. Paragon's vision is to be an integral part of the dreams and goals of small to mid‐size businesses by supporting them in their finances and business planning. Paragon seeks to encourage entrepreneurs to focus on their talent and to trust that they have the right team guiding them at every step when it comes to their business structures, tax planning and investments.

Laura is an intuitive soul, a Unitarian Reiki practitioner and she is currently teaching herself astrology (through spreadsheets)!


Is this for me?

This program is open to 10 entrepreneurs ready to do the work, be in community, and really launch a successful business. This program is for you, if: 

  • You have already been doing your thing

  • You have a viable business idea

  • You are excited to be part of a collaborative environment 

  • You’ve got the hustle and the fire to make this happen

  • You know you just need the right direction to move this forward


I want in! How do I sign up?